Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm done!!!

Hooray! I have finished the "Twilight" series as of now!!! I am so so so happy with the way it ended.. Now maybe I will stop dreaming about the books.. (Doubt it) & now I can get onto more important things in my life like getting ready for my new baby.. I must say, that when Bella was having huge belly issues, I totally knew what she was going through.. At times I wonder if I have a cracked rib! :)
AHHH.. I can honestly say that I have never involved myself in books like this before! I am glad it was these ones..
I am also glad that I didn't read them when everyone else did. Because during all of the reading, I was going through a tun of emotions and I was so happy to be able to post them on my blog and have the responses that I had.. Thanks for all of the support!!! No, i do not hate Bella now.. Infact, I wish that I could be as brave as she was in the last book.. she was defiantly not so whinny... And, I don't hate Jacob Black anymore.. AHH.. BOOKS....


  1. I'm glad you finally got through them Angie! It is a fun series. I need to read them all again. So, have you gone to the movie yet?

  2. YEAH!!! They are definitely the best series I've ever read!! Glad you finished them and loved them!! :)

  3. Hey, I dont have your number but we are having a baby shower for Cheri on December 10th at 7 at the pizza factory in Linden.