Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day...

This is dedicated to me!!! haha.. just kidding.. it is for my mom, grandma & Auntie.. thank you for all you have done for me!!! MUAH XOXOXOXO

My mom holding Emer.. She is such a great blessing to me.. I love her so much!!

My mom is one of the toughest people I have ever met in my life. She had me at a young age and my sisters soon followed.. She worked all of the time, but she always made us feel protected and loved.. We didn't have much ever.. But we had what we needed.. I love my mom and I am grateful for all of the sacrifices she made for me. So to you.. My mommy.. I love you.. You are my hero and I hope that I can be as strong as you in raising my brood of kids..

My Grandma.. An amazing Lady....

My grandma.. She is AWESOME!!! She has been a huge influence in my life.. She helped raise me and she did everything she could to help me.. And she still does.. She has had a hard life and she always tries to make the best out of everything.. I once asked her why she got remarried after my grandpa Roy died, and she said "because you kids needed to have a grandfather". She has sacrificed so much for our family.. So to you My grandma.. I love you and I thank you for all you have done for me..

My Aunt Lynda with 3 of her 6 kids.. She is in the pink.. One of the strongest women I know..
My aunt Lynda.. I love you.. You are so strong.. I always wanted to be like you.. Your amazing.. Thank you for all you have done for me.. Thanks for helping take care of me. Your the best Aunt anyone could ever have..

Johanna.. Fixing the girls hair in curlers.. The girls loved it..
My Ma in Law. Johanna.. Your awesome.. Thank you for raising such a great man... I love you..

Me & Sammy K.. O what an amazing moment in my life.. She was the most precious thing I had ever seen.. When I first became a mother I was freaking out.. I had no idea what I was doing.. But I am very blessed to have had Samantha first. She was a challenge, but she was worth it.. I love how much she loves me and our family.. She is strong, smart and 100% me.. (I try not to admit that). My labor with her was very hard and she was very late coming.. But after forever of pushing she was here. And she made me feel so wonderful. I love her.. She is a great blessing in my life..

My mom.. right after the twins were born.. She got to be there when I delivered.. It was such an amazing experience.. Thanks mom.. For being my rock!!!

Me looking at Morgan... (I was totally overwhelmed)Me & Kylah view.. I think I was freaking out at this very moment.. (i take horrible pictures) My twins.. Twin A & Twin B as I like to call them.. I was 5 months along when I found out I was having not one, but two babies.. I was freaking out.. What was I going to do with twins.. I went from 1 to 3.. I was terrified.. I will never forget the look on my moms face during the ultrasound when the tec said I was having twins.. My mothers face lit up so much.. I cried and said I wasn't ready for a minivan.. My mom said I was ready for anything.. The twins were nothing like Samantha.. Samantha was a week late and the twins wanted to come 11 weeks early.. After a long stay in the hospital (4 weeks) they arrived 5 weeks early.. But they were big and healthy.. And I was totally excited to have them in my life.. I was also very grateful for my Mom, Grandma & sis Crystal for helping me for the first year of their lives.. Without my family helping me I would have lost my marbles.. I love you twins.. Thank you for making me a stronger person. Thank you for coming to me..

Me & Emer.. She always was moving her tongue.. It was so cute.. O Emer.. my only induction.. two days before Christmas.. I knew you would be named Emer.. Even if your daddy didn't want your name.. But you fit it and we are glad you are an Emer.. You are such a great sister and one of my best friends.. I am so grateful to El for helping me see my true potential on motherhood.. I love being your mother..

Me with Korban.. my first view is pretty scary.. So I chose this one.. He was so hansom.. O.. I miss him as a baby... Footling breach Korban.. An emergency C-Section.. WOW.. that was the craziest day ever.. I woke up and didn't feel right.. I called El and said I have to go to the hospital. He rushed home got me we went to the hospital and the nurse came in, checked me and rushed right out.. Then she came back in and started prepping me for a section.. I was terrified.. I can remember looking at El and saying you call my Mom and my Aunt Lynda.. I need them here right now.. (we weren't going to have any one there for the delivery) But he was for sure the greatest delivery ever.. I didn't have to do anything..

Me & Gannon.. O.. He was so awesome.. He always just looked right at me.. Baby Gannon.. O.. You sweet baby.. My biggest baby.. My toughest labor.. Next to Samantha.. I hated the other lady having a baby the same time because she got her epidural before me.. I remember El telling me that another lady was further dilated than me and she was getting her epidural first.. I looked at him and said "I hate that whore".. WOW.. me in labor.. not a nice girl.. O WELL.. My biggest baby Gannon was.. I loved him so much from the moment I saw him..

I am so blessed to have all of my children.. I am grateful that we are an eternal family.. I hope that Heavenly Father will trust me with more.. We will see..

I love being a mom.. It is a great blessing.. I love that my children all know that they chose me.. And right at this moment (give it a minute or two) they are all happy to be a part of this family..


  1. How fun that you put all these pics in. And i love that you called the other lady a whore, I would have loved to see those words flying. You really are such a cute and good mom Angie, your kids are so lucky and blessed to have both you and El. BTW, so good to see you at Bunko, it was way fun.

  2. I love all the pictures! Thanks for sharing! And I love that you want to have more kids! You are so great!!

  3. I'm just about 5 months now and I can't imagine what it must have felt like for you to find out you were having twins!!! (Although I think Jeff is still secretly hoping for twins.) You're a much stronger woman than I.