Wednesday, May 28, 2008

O... Stovetop Stuffing

Because I have been feeling pretty icky, I am not very hungry and I don't like the sight of many food items.. Today I got home from a friends house (the kids went to play with her kids) and I was feeling pretty sick, and I knew that I needed to eat something.. So I looked in the fridge, the freezer and found nothing.. I looked in the food storage room and low and behold I had three boxes of stovetop stuffing.. Needless to say I LOVE STOVE TOP!!! Every bite is so good and O.. I could eat it the rest of the day.. Or at least until I decided that I never want it again..


  1. I had to stop eating foods that I normally love for a little while out of fear that I would never like them again. Although I've gone past morning sickness stage even the thought of a chicken and rice bowl makes me want to puke! Eew, gross. I shouldn't have said anything.

  2. I craved some weird stuff pregnant. And there are still somethings I can't eat because they made me sick pregnant. Yikes!! But I am glad you love stuffing and were able to eat some. It is so hard to want something to eat and not be able to find it when you are pregnant.