Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What happened??? Spring/American Idol & whatever else..

Okay.. My last post.. Hooray for spring.. Yeah.. Spring was here.. I am even starting to get a tan from being outside playing with the kids.. But this morning, it is cloudy and rainy.. Can't we just go 1 week of fab weather?? No rain, snow.. Just sunshine.. I think that if that could happen then I would be so happy.. Then next week it could rain maybe a little.. So that way my lawn would get watered.. Whatever.. I am very tired of cold weather..

Also.. AMERICAN IDOL.. At this moment I am watching the Today afternoon show with Kathie Lee & Hoda.. They are totally defending this Jason Castro guy.. I know we are all entitled to our own opinion and my opinion is that he SUCKS!!! I didn't like him at the start of the AI season and I am sure not liking him anymore.. El calls him Camel Dung head.. Why wasn't he in the bottom two last week?? I liked Brooke White.. I think she could have lasted one more week.. But hey.. Jason Castro should have gone 12 weeks ago.. What is wrong with America?? he is icky and arrggghh..
O and let me just say this.... GO DAVID A.. My girls go to school with some of his sisters and his family lives here in my Stake.. I hope he wins.. He deserves it.. I hope that if he does win, he can really go far.. Unlike all those others who won and didn't go anywhere.. I can't even remember their names..

WOW.. Okay.. One more thing.. I don't know if everyone has been following this girl (i am sure i might be older than her) Heather Armstrong.. She is a mother from SL who has a cool website I have been reading her blog and it is funny.. so I am doing a promo for her.. Because I think that she tells it like it is and I like that about her. She totally doesn't need anymore publicity because she gets like a million hits on her site a day, but I thought that if ya'll haven't seen her site, you should check it out..

I tried to do the TTA, but my scanner wasn't working so hopefully it will be working by Sunday so that I can do a TTA on Sunday in favor of Mothers Day..

BLAH BLAH BLAH.. I will stop talking now..
Thanks for visiting my site.. I know that this post is totally stupid, but these are things that are just on my mind..

If I had a million dollars I wouldn't have to walk to the store.. I'd take a limousine cuz it costs more... (BTW I love BNL)

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  1. You are so funny. I love reading your posts. And I LOVE that you put a BNL lyric in every once in a while!! It is so fun!
    And I totally agree with your American Idol rant. Jason needs to go, go, go!! We will see tonight, huh?