Saturday, May 10, 2008


So your thinking.. A post about 90210?? WHY?? and NO.. not about the show.. About a great accomplishement I have done in my life!!! (or maybe not)

Yesterday I was playing my WII.. And for everyone who has a WII, I say WAHOO!! WII's are awesome.. Anyways, I have downloaded all 3 of the original Mario Brothers and I like to play them. they are my favorite games of all time.. So yesterday I was playing Mario 3 (the one where he turns into a racoon and can fly..whatever) and I look down at my score and it was
90210!!! WHAT?? That is totally awesome.. I thought that I was the coolest thing ever...

Your all thinking WOW!! ANGIE YOUR SO COOL and to you I say: YES I AM!!!


  1. I love the old Mario Bros. games too!! I'd love to come over and play with you, and Than would also. Plus I'm silly and I love the show 90210 from back in my teen days. So your post was extra fun for me and a great flashback into the past. It was great to see you last night!!!

  2. I love old nintendo games!! And I love that you were playing them on the Wii! You are a riot!!