Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Things the Kids say...

This morning as plain as day Gannon said to me... "I go poop".. Finally this kid is starting to say things that mean something.. And after he said it, he layed down to be changed.. WAHOO!!! That is a huge milestone..
Korbans latest thing to say is "oooo.. your an idiot" I think he got that from sponge bob so the sponge is no longer allowed..
Emer says things that surprise me all of the time.. the other day a commercial for the new sex and the city movie came on and she says "mom, do they call it sex in the city because they are having sex in the city?".. I reply (by the way I was freaking out) "maybe emer, i don't know" (and in my mind i was crying, and thinking, I turned off the DTV, I guess TV should just be off limits in my house now.. Thanks TV for poising my 5 year olds ears)
Morgan & Kylah both turn everything into song.. One day I am going to secretly video tape them and post it so everyone can see.. They are hilarious..
Samantha is just funny.. If she isn't happy then she is complaining.. I think it is because she is a tween.. I can remember being about that age and thinking everything and everyone was out to get me.. (I have sever paranoia.. I think I need a therapist) But the way she laughs makes the whole room laugh.. She has a roar about it.. I will also have to Vid tape it..
Kids are hilarious.. They say and do some of the coolest and yet, freakish things ever.. At least a day in my house isn't boring.. The only time it is, is when all the kids want to go to Gmas house and have nothing to do with me..


  1. Hilarious! I can't wait for Mya to say "I go poop!" Right now she just tried to pull her diaper off, lucky me! Your kids are darling Ange.

  2. Your posts always make me laugh out loud! I am so sorry about the stink eye. I am sure you are still a hottie. And your kids are hilarious! I want to just sit and observe them one day and just laugh!

  3. Ahahaha!! Angie...I love your kids!! They are so funny! My favorite was Emmer though about the whole sex in the city!! So freakin hilarious! I would die if I heard my 5 year old saying stuff like that! I would be laughing so hard before I could even answer! Ahhhh... I love it!