Saturday, May 24, 2008

Once you (you know) on the test stick...

Okay.. here I am.. Day 3 after peeing on the stick and I am sick as a dog.. Why is it, that once you pee on the test stick and it comes up with that little pink plus sign your body all of a sudden knows your pregnant and you become sick..
I know that this doesn't apply to all pregnant people or all pregnancies.. Because I have been pregnant a number of times and only with my daughters have I been sick like this.. So my prediction is that this baby is a girl..
El is certain that the only reason I am sick is because it is all in my head!! WHAT?? Tell that to the egg salad that just came belting out of my body.. If it was all in my head, well than I would have kept it down and been a happy camper.. Now, I never want to see egg salad again in my life. Not to mention I never want to see an egg again..
So for everyone who keeps asking how I am feeling, I am great.. Other than the all of a sudden having to run to a bathroom and loose my breakfast, lunch, dinner and the ooo so ever all the time snack..


  1. I am sorry that you are getting the sickies! I was way sick with Addi and not so much with Dallin. So I am with you... it is a girl!

  2. I never actually threw up, but I can tell you Jeff said it was in my head too. They're definitely related.

  3. Yuck. I hate that part of pregnancy. I never threw up either, but I always felt like I was going to until I got through that first trimester! I hope you feel better soon :)